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Dinner rolls🥯

Light, fluffy, buttery dinner rolls are impossible to resist. Homemade with just a handful of simple ingredients, the BEST Dinner Rolls can you be on your table in a jiffy. I have tried to picturize each step in this recipe to make it look easier. It requires little effort but who doesnt love some freshly baked breads!🤩 This recipe is a basic recipe for all breads. You can make absolutely any variation you like!



If you are making loaves this quantity is good for 2 big loaves. And if you are making dinner rolls it gives about 10-12 dinner rolls.

  1. Warm milk - 1 + 1/4 cup

  2. Sugar - 2 Tsp

  3. Dry yeast - 1.25 Tsp

  4. All purpose flour - 3 cups

  5. Salt - 1/2 Tsp

  6. Butter - 2 Tbsp



Disclaimer- It is going to be messy😂 but at the end it will be worth it🤩 It requires a little effort (Max. 1/2 hour effort) but you won’t regret it!

In a bowl pour 1 cup of warm milk and 2 Tsp sugar. Mix the sugar and add yeast to this. Let it sit for 5 mins. The mixture will be frothy.

Use good quality yeast. This affects breads a lot! When the yeast does not froth it might have been expired or old.

Now take a large mixing bowl or a thali. In that add 3 cups of maida and salt. Mix them well. In the centre make a well and pour the yeast mixture.

Now mix everything and knead the dough properly for about 5 mins. It will have a little dry consistency so we will add the remaining 1/4th cup of milk to this. Now while mixing the dough will become very sticky and your hands will be dirty but dont stop kneading and dont add extra flour.

Do not add extra flour!! Just kneading it will result in a soft dough. Everything will combine together as you keep kneading.

Now knead this dough for 5-10 mins and it will become soft.

The butter should be softened. If it was in the fridge microwave the butter for just 10 seconds.

Now take 2 tbsp of butter in the thali.

Incorporate the butter in the dough. It will become sticky again and more messy. The dough will become squishy.

Continue kneading the dough for 5 mins. The butter will combine with the dough and the dough will become really soft.

Now tuck the dough from sides to make a ball.

Cover this dough using a cling wrap and let it rest for an hour.

After one hour the dough will become double in size.

Punch the dough to knock out all the air from it.

Now make small portions of the dough and make round balls. The best way to make a ball is tucking it from all sides and sealing it from the bottom. Place it in the round tin and brush it with milk on top. Again cover it and let it rest for 25-30 minutes.

Resting the dough leads to activating gluten in it. This makes bread very light and fluffy.

Bake the bread for 20 mins at 200 degrees C in a preheated oven. The top will become brown or light brown.

Brush it again with butter.

Bake it again for 2 mins. After removing it from the oven cover it with a wet cloth for 15-20 mins.

Covering the bread with a wet cloth leads to a super soft texture.

Serve it with dips or butter.🤩🥰



Shape the dough however you want to. Shape it like a loaf for a french bread and slice them for bruschetta.


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