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Garlic Bread 🥖

So everyone loves garlic bread from Dominos and many of them have tried making it at home in this lockdown. Even i tried many recipes but none of them came good. This recipe can never go wrong. Its crispy on the edges and soft in the middle with a perfect texture.

INGREDIENTS- For one large or two small breads

Fir the dough-

  1. Full fat warm milk - 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp

  2. Dry yeast - 1 tsp

  3. Sugar - 1 tsp

  4. Salt - a pinch

  5. Butter - 1 tsp

  6. Oregano spice mix - 1 tsp

  7. Flour - 1 cup

For the filling-

  1. Bell peppers - 1/4 cup finely chopped

  2. Corn - 2 tbsp

  3. Mozarella cheese - 1/4 cup (for a generous filling)

  4. Salt to taste

  5. Cheese spread - 1 tbsp

For the garlic butter-

  1. Garlic - 5-6 cloves finely chopped

  2. Butter - 2 tbsp


  1. The dough won’t rise much only double the size. Make sure your yeast isn’t expired.

  2. You have to be generous with the filling otherwise while eating it you wont get good flavours. You can use only cheese but use amul normal cheese with mozarella.

  3. Topping it with garlic butter is an important step.

  4. You can use any type of vegetables like onions, capsicums, olives and jalapeños.


For the garlic butter-

Melt the butter and add chopped garlic in it and leave it aside for sometime.

For the dough-

Take a mixing bowl and add milk into it. Put 1 tsp of yeast into it and sugar and leave it aside until the mixture becomes frothy. When it becomes frothy add oregano mix , butter and salt. Add flour and knead the dough properly. Knead it well for 5 mins until it becomes soft. Now tuck the dough from sides and tap it with oil. Keep it covered with a damp cloth in a warm place for 2 hours or until its double the size.

For assembling the bread-

After two hours when the dough is double the size punch it to knock out all the air. Now knead it again for 2 mins. Using a rolling pin roll it into a round shape. Apply cheese spread on one side.

Now put your veggies and little salt. Add mozarella and pizza seasonings.

Now fold it from the edges like a semicircle. And seal the edges. Layer it with garlic butter on top and again top it with pizza seasonings. You can also add coriander leaves on top. Bake it for 15 mins at 180 degrees C.

Serve it with cheesy dip or ketchup. This will be crispy on the edges and soft from the middle and extreme cheesy😍

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