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Kesar Almond Cupcakes with Shrikhand Frosting😍🧁

So this is a very unique fusion but classic combination! Everyone loves kesar badam flavour in milks, icecreams or kulfi. So i have been experimenting with almond cakes and infusing different flavours with it which gave me the idea to make this combination😍



For the cupcakes-

  1. Butter - 100 gms (Amul butter)

  2. Condensed milk - 200 gms (Milkmaid)

  3. All purpose flour (Maida) - 60 gms or 1/2 cup

  4. Almond flour - 65 gms or 2/3 cup

  5. Baking powder - 5 gms or 1 Tsp

  6. Saffron milk - 125 ml or 1/2 cup (7-8 strands of saffron-kesar infused in 125 ml warm milk)

For the shrikhand frosting -

  1. Hung curd - 250 gms

  2. Powdered sugar - 200 gms

  3. Elaichi powder - a pinch

  4. Saffron infused milk - 1 Tbsp



  1. Shrikhand will not be like a whipped cream consistency. You can always whip some cream and fold your shrikhand to get the perfect frosting.

  2. For almond flour - I used homemade almond flour because it was not available here. For that i took almonds and just blended in the mixer grinder and used a strainer to seive it. Do not blend it for long otherwise it will start releasing oils. Keep it dry.

  3. Do not add too many saffron strands otherwise it will have an overpowering flavour.

  4. You can use the cupcake recipe to make cakes or tres leches. Just soak this in saffron infused milk with added sugar.

  5. You can add berry jam for berries flavour, nutella for a chocolate flavour or fresh fruits for other flavours. Instead of saffron milk use normal milk.



For the cupcakes-

Preheat your oven for 10 mins at 170 degrees C. Now infuse your saffron strands in milk and leave it aside.

Now in a large mixing bowl add butter and beat it until really light and fluffy. Add your condensed milk to it and beat it again. It should be of this consistency.

Now in another bowl mix almond flour, maida and baking powder.

Fold this dry mixture with the butter and condensed milk mixture. Now add the saffron infused milk to it.

Pour this into your cupcake mould or cake tin or steel bowls (katori).

Now bake it at 170 degrees C for 20 mins. Leave it out to cool and then demould otherwise they might break.


For the Shrikhand frosting-

So for the shrikhand you can use the store bought one which is easier and immediately available. To make it at home hang the curd for 4-5 hours in a strainer. After that add powdered sugar and whisk lightly. Add elaichi powder and saffron infused milk. In case it becomes very liquid hang it again for an hour or two in the fridge. You have to keep the shrikhand in the fridge for upto two hours.

You can also whip some cream and fold your shrikhand into it.

Mostly for a perfect shrikhand people usually hang the curd for 3-4 days and leave it in the fridge.


Assembling the cupcakes-

Demould the cupcakes when completely cooled. Top it with shrikhand and few saffron strands.


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