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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

One of the really popular Indo-Chinese dishes is Chilli Paneer. Its the first dish every one orders whenever they go to a restaurant. This recipe can never go wrong. INGREDIENTS-

  1. Paneer cubes - 250gms

  2. Maida - 3 tbsp

  3. Cornflour - 1/2 tbsp

  4. Water as required

  5. Salt and black pepper to taste

  6. Soya sauce - 1 tbsp

  7. Red chilly sauce - 1.5 tbsp

  8. Tomato ketchup - 1 tbsp

  9. Garlic , ginger and green chillies finely chopped

  10. Oil

  11. Onions - 2 diced

  12. Capsicum - 1 diced


  1. You can shallow fry or bake the paneer as well.

  2. Make sure not to use more soya sauce as it will be overpowering.

  3. Use home made or store bought paneer and cut into little big cubes.

  4. Do not add too much water in your batter for frying paneer. It should be a sticky batter.

  5. Do not fry for a long time otherwise it will be really oily and paneer will become hard.


For frying paneer-

Make a sticky batter using maida, cornflour and salt pepper. Add water and mix it using your hands properly no lumps should be there. Add your paneer cubes and fry them until done.

For Paneer Chilly-

  • Take a chinese wok add oil. Now add garlic ginger and green chillies and saute them

  • Add onions and capsicum and saute them for sometime until onion is soft. Do not over fry them as soft capsicum wont taste well.

  • Add sauces and mix them.

  • Add your fried paneer and mix well. This step is important as you need to keep your paneer crispy yet covered in the sauce. So adjust your sauces accordingly and serve it by topping chopped spring onions.

This is one of my favourites and the easiest restaurant quality dish. Serve it as snacks or with the main course as a side dish♥️

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