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Sitaphal Cream🤩

Ever since i had sitaphal cream at Haji Ali in Mumbai i have literally fallen in love with it. Due to lockdown, I couldn’t go anywhere and i missed it. Finally i came across Saransh Goila’s recipe and its the ultimate one!



This recipe is enough for 7 bowls

  1. Amul fresh cream - 500ml

  2. Sitaphal pulp - 4 custard apple pulp

  3. Powdered sugar - 4 Tbsp



For removing the pulp of custard apple, take a steel strainer which has a little large holes. Remove the pulp of custard apple using a spoon and pour in the strainer. Using a round spoon continuously stir the pulp and press it. This will help in removing the seeds.

In a large mixing bowl pour the cream.

Now using a beater or a whisk, beat it for 10 minutes.

The cream will become light and fluffy. The consistency will not be of a whipping cream so don't get confused. It will be airy and should look like this.

Now add 4 Tbsp powder sugar and beat again for a minute. Now add the custard apple pulp in the cream and mix it well. Pour it in bowls and refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

Enjoy it as a dessert after dinner.

TIP- My sister froze this in the freezer and it tasted like sitaphal icecream you get in naturals!


Make sure the sitaphal pulp is pulpy and not a purée because you should feel the pieces in your mouth while eating.

Beating the cream is important to get the airy texture.

You can use any other fruit instead of sitaphal to make a fruit cream!


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